We can plan your menu at the time of booking or if it is more convenient our staff will contact you later. In order to assure availability of your menu selections, we request that you finalize and confirm the menu at least 14 business days prior to your event. All event requirements (menu or other food and beverage selections) should be confirmed no later than 14 business days prior to the event date. Changes in event requirements within 24 hours of the scheduled starting time are subject to additional service charges (see below).

Spartan Signature Catering will provide you with a Banquet Event Order (BEO) containing your finalized catering details. Please review the BEO carefully. After confirming all details, please sign and return a copy of the BEO to our office.


  • Any new food/beverage orders placed less than 48 business hours in advance of an event are subject to a 20 percent surcharge.
  • A service charge is added to all food, beverage, and audio visual charges to offset facility maintenance and administrative costs. The service charge does not replace gratuity for service staff. The service charge amount is subject to change based on market conditions. 
  • Michigan sales tax is subject to change based on Michigan sales tax ruling. The Michigan sales tax is applicable to service charge income unless the entity is Michigan sales tax exempt. See booking contract for rates.
  • Catering deliveries with multiple times and/or locations may have additional delivery/transportation charges.
  • Food and beverage prices are subject to increase. Prices will not increase by more than 10 percent from the previous year.

One entrée will be served per event. Substitutions may be requested for dietary or religious purposes as long as the number of substitute entrees are less than 10 percent of the guarantee.

  • Any substitute entrée must be confirmed at time of guarantee or an additional charge for the dietary entrée, as well as the ordered entrée, will be assessed.
  • If multiple entrée selections are ordered;

o   $1 multiple-entrée charge will be assessed for when two entrees are ordered.

o   $2 multiple-entrée charge will be assessed for when three entrées are ordered.

o   Multiple entrée selections will be prepared for the guarantee number only (no 5 percent overage).

o   Any change of entrée at the time of the event will be charged, in addition to, the entrees guaranteed and prepared.

o   The client will be responsible for providing nametags or place cards, which indicate entrée selections.


  • Deliveries* made to a building/location on the campus of Michigan State University, require a minimum food/beverage order of $250. 

o   The minimum requirement does not include service charge (21%) and Michigan Sales Tax (6%).

o   Exclusions: Breslin Student Event Center, Huntington Club at Spartan Stadium, Munn Ice Arena and the MSU Union Building**

  • Wedding receptions outside the MSU Union building and Huntington Club require a minimum food/beverage order of $8,000.

o   The minimum requirement does not include delivery fees*, service charge (21%), and Michigan Sales Tax (6%).

  • Deliveries* made off-campus require a minimum food/beverage order of $400. 

o   Service charge (21%) and Michigan Sales Tax (6%) are in addition to the minimum. 

o   The off-campus deliveries within a five-mile radius of the Spartan Stadium are charged an additional $150 delivery fee*. 

o   Deliveries outside of the five-mile radius are charged an additional $300 delivery fee*.

*For events with multiple delivery times and/or locations, additional delivery/transportation charges may apply.

**On an MSU home football game, events outside of the MSU Union building, the Breslin Student Events Center, Wharton Center, and the Broad Art Museum require a minimum food/beverage order of $2,300.


  • Spartan Signature Catering supplies complimentary white linen for food and beverage tables. Additional linen may be ordered at a per item charge.
  • Décor pieces (votives, centerpieces) for events outside of the Huntington Club or the MSU Union are available at a charge.


  • A labor charge of $50 is assessed for meal functions of less than 20 people in the Huntington Club, Breslin Center or MSU Union Building.  
  • A bartender fee of $75 is assessed on each hosted or cash bar when sales do not exceed $250 per bar or when an additional bartender is requested.
  • A $25 fee for each hosted or cash beer and/or wine service will apply when sales do not exceed $150 per bar.


  • China, glassware, white linen napkins, and flatware may be ordered at a $5 per person charge.
  • Spartan Signature Catering will provide all catered events with disposable plates, cups, utensils and napkins at no charge.
  • China service is complimentary at the Spartan Stadium Tower and the MSU Union building. 
  • All plated meal selections require china service.


  • A nonrefundable deposit of 25 to 100 percent of the anticipated bill may be required at the time of the final booking, based on the nature of the function. All cancellations must be received in writing.
  • Direct billing may be requested. An application for credit is to be completed and returned by the date requested for proper processing. Upon approval of credit, a master account will be established. Accounts are to be paid in full, upon receipt of the billing. An unpaid balance is subject to a finance charge.
  • Charges are expected to be settled prior to the event. Charges will automatically be applied to a credit card number on file. The credit card will also be used for any incidental charges incurred during the event.

By signing the contract, you agree to pay a cancellation fee or reduction fee for the loss of business. The cancellation fee and reduction fee are outlined in your contract and will be due and payable upon invoice. The cancellation policy does not affect any nonrefundable deposit, which must be paid under the contract.

If the final guaranteed attendance is less than 80 percent of the original estimated attendance, a reduction fee will be applied. The fee will be equal to the loss of anticipated revenue forecasted per person. Reduction in estimated attendance will be accepted up to 30 days prior to the function.

Spartan Signature Catering cannot guarantee that allergens may not have been introduced during a stage of the food chain process or even inadvertently during preparation.

Performance of the agreement is contingent upon the ability of Spartan Signature Catering management to complete the same and is subject to labor troubles, disputes or strikes, accidents, government (federal, state or municipal) requisitions, restrictions or travel, transportation, foods, beverages or management preventing or interfering with performance. In no event will Spartan Signature Catering be liable for the loss of profit or consequential damages whether based on breach of contracts, warranty, or otherwise.

Events requiring Spartan Signature Catering staff to travel off campus are contingent on weather conditions. Spartan Signature Catering will communicate with the contracting party if they determine that weather conditions are not safe for staff travel and reserve the right to delay or cancel the event up to four hours prior to event start time due to inclement weather.

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